Winestry is a new term for exploring the various histories of wine. The Genie with a Bottle (Sherry Monahan) uncorks wine history one bottle at a time. She also traces the genealogy of food that pairs nicely with wine. To begin, The Genie will focus on California and other U.S. wineries, but she’ll be expanding her palette soon.

Seriously, we all like to savor delicious wine and nosh on tasty food, but have you ever wondered about the history of them?

Who was the first person to bottle wine in California or Argentina?

What genius decided it was a good idea to eat buffalo balls aka Rocky Mountain Oysters?

The Genie with a Bottle will be your genealogist as we discover the roots of wine and food. So sit back, grab your favorite vino and enjoy this tasty ride.

  • California Vineyards

  • Far Niente Old Cellars

  • 1888 Vine planted by Lillie Langtry in Lake County, California